NaturalCapital Pty Ltd is first and foremost about practical, on-ground actions and training programs that produce resilient and productive broad-acre landscapes.  
Natural Capital utilizes the efficiency of native plants to sustain your profitability.
Our success where others have failed is due to the practical application of current research; our unique equipment; years of study; and a life-time of practical experience in agriculture and natural resource management.
We measure our success by the results of our past efforts.
Our direct-seeding techniques, complemented by our NRM training courses, yield productive native pastures and chenopod plains, restored grassy woodlands, vibrant wetlands, and protective riparian edges. As this vegetation grows, the nourished soil stores moisture and carbon; water quality increases; complex habitat returns; and agricultural productivity improves for generations to come.
DIRECTOR - Owen Whitaker
An inter-generational farmer managing ecological and agricultural enterprises for positive financial and biodiversity outcomes.
Designing, planning, undertaking and overseeing NaturalCapital’s suite of on-ground rehabilitation works, including direct seeding, mapping, fencing, pasture and grazing management, and riparian restoration of wetlands and streams.
Establishing a comprehensive native grass, forb, shrub and tree Seed Bank to NaturalCapital Pty Ltd and Florabank specifications.
Managing Seed Collection teams to NaturalCapital and Florabank specifications.
Specific Project Management; and overseeing preparation of NRM reports, Vegetation Management Plans, Property assessments, and funding applications.
DIRECTOR  - Alison Elvin
Presenting  Education and Training Packages in the following areas-
Property Management Planning (Farm Ready Approved)
Sustainable farming / Farming for Climate Change
Native grass ID and management (Farm Ready Approved)
Integrated Weed Management strategies for farms
Riparian Restoration Techniques
Wetland Restoration Techniques
Farm Dams and Water Quality Solutions
Sustainable grazing of native pastures
Whole landscape rehabilitation, especially in woodlands / grassy woodlands.
Preparing  Flora and Fauna Assessments/Vegetation Management Plans/
Property Management Plans /Greywater recycling designs
Providing Wetland solutions for waste water and pollution mitigation.
Company makeupNaturalCapital Pty Ltd has three distinct, interconnected arms to its organization, serviced by Full-time, Part time and contract staff.
1. NRM Management
Property management for sustainable agricultural production &
Conservation Reserve Management for ecological outcomes
2. Ecological Rehabilitation Knowledge and Services
Primarily for on-ground Rehabilitation work, backed by experiential knowledge, and a methodology based on current scientific and engineering technology.
This service incorporates provenance native seed collection and storage; direct seeding both on the ground and from the air; riparian and wetland rehabilitation; inclusion and exclusion fencing design; livestock grazing prescriptions for weed control, and native grassland management/restoration.
3. Knowledge Brokering
Presenting NRM and Sustainable Production information through a variety of mediums – workshops, seminars, field days, conferences – and our wide network of contacts means we can access and incorporate expert presenters to value-add to presentations.
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